Thogori Karago’s Lover Eulogizes “my forever love”

January 28, 2022

Bajan tech entrepreneur and LGBTQ advocate Donnya ‘Zi’ Piggott has taken to social media to eulogize her lover Thogori Karago.

Karago, a former LinkedIn Africa boss, was found dead at the Radisson Hotel in Westlands, Nairobi on Friday, January 21.

An autopsy was found to be inconclusive, but the pathologist found blood clots in the brain.

As further investigations continue, Karago’s apparent lover Donnya Zi has in a series of Instagram posts paid tribute to the deceased 33-year-old.

In one post, Donnya Zi wrote: “Rest In Peace my forever love ❤️”

In another, the 32-year-old designer and human rights advocate shared a video of Karago rapping along to Cardi B’s hit ‘Best Life’.

Donnya captioned it: “This is how you’d want to be remembered like the baddie you are ✨ Pure magic!

“I’ve never met someone who vibrated as high as you. Who looked at the world the way you did. Who was as smart as you are, Thogori was genius – like an actual genius. Valedictorian of Carnegie Mellon. Stubborn and always in control…such a Queen. So unapologetic. I’m sorry the world lost you…go and be with your grandmother, sweetheart. ✨.”

Donnya Zi and Karago co-founded Pink Coconuts, an LGBTQ travel startup for the queer traveler.

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