Sanaipei Tande’s Secret to Dealing With Cyberbullies

December 15, 2021

Sanaipei Tande says she has mastered the art of dealing with cyberbullies.

Having been in the limelight since she was 19, Sanaipei said she has learnt how to control her emotions. She said comments from trolls used to get to her earlier in her career but she is now more self-aware.

Sanaipei said the only people that matter to her are her family and people who really know her for who she is. She mentioned that she also loves her fans but only the ones that offer constructive criticism.

“I have achieved the art of not responding…I am in control of my emotions you know. One thing that I feel people have not understood is how to control…if you need to go into a room and calm yourself down. The worst thing you could ever do is type back, don’t ever type back,” she said in an interview with CTA on YouTube.

“We are different types of humans, with different levels of understanding, exposure, literacy, emotional experience, upbringing…you cannot expect everybody to be on your side and understand you.”

At the same time, Sanaipei spoke about the importance of protecting one’s space on social media.

“And that’s the interesting thing, people will ask you to follow them and when you ask why, you are being rude you have to give a reason why you have refused to follow somebody. Come on guys, I have people who I follow and they don’t follow me…you follow that person because you like the content they put, you like learning from them, they don’t have to follow back,” she explained.

The ‘Ankula Huu’ hitmaker also mentioned that social media is not a positive space and it is okay to quit it if it’s not working for you.

“It’s 2021, you do not have to be on social media. It is okay to get off social media,” she said.

“If you want positive things you have to surround yourself with positive things and social media is not that place. You have to remove yourself from negative situations, and social media is one of these places. If you don’t have the heart for it, don’t get into social media. If it’s not working for you, it’s okay to get off social media, you will not die.”

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