Azziad Nasenya Explains Why She’s Back in School Despite Being Famous

October 7, 2021

TikTok star Azziad Nasenya has gone back to school as a backup plan to her already booming business as a social media influencer.

Azziad, who last year shocked many after she released her rate card, explained her decision to go back to school saying money and fame can easily comes to an end.

She cited the outage of social media services Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram on Monday that lasted almost six hours.

“Social Media just humbled you the other day I was talking about what IFS and people thought it was
a joke you see it’s very very possible,” she said.

“So last week, I remember I was having my morning Instagram Lives, and people were asking ‘why are you
still studying and you are famous?'” the TikToker added.

The online content creator said: “Money goes away…it is just for myself fulfillment. I just want to have the certificate because pesa huisha. Social media inaeza crash…alafu?”

Azziad added: “What ifs do happen…Anything can happen, be prepared. Whatever you do, be prepared, go to school don’t rely on social media. Whatever you do, have a what if in life.”

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