The Safest Bets on Sports

September 27, 2021

Some see betting on sports as just another way to earn an extra buck. But itás more than that: it is a way to make your favorite sports more exciting. When you stake money, even a small amount, on your favorite football team at the Betway sports betting website, you add the excitement of the potential win to the excitement of watching your beloved footballers play on the turf. And when they win, your joy for their victory is topped off by the warm feeling of Betway giving you money.

That said, not all bets are created equal. Some of them can be pretty risky and unpredictable, while others – like the ones below – are pretty safe to make.

Outright winner

Betting on the outright winner is not the safest choice at a bookmaker but it’s safe enough for even the most casual bettor. 

In the case of a football match, there are three possible outcomes: the victory of either of the two teams (the home team and the away team), and a draw – marked by bookmakers as 1, X, and 2. This betting option is almost the easiest and safest choice, especially because there is always a favorite (a team that has a better chance to win) and an underdog (a team that’s least likely to win). If you are familiar with both teams, their strengths, weaknesses, and record, you can easily predict which one of them is the more likely to win – and bet on them.

We said it is almost the safest choice – there are two options offered by bookmakers that are even safer.

Draw no bet

One of the betting options that are safer than betting on the outright winner is Draw no bet. The bet is similar to the one above, with one major difference: it reduces the potential outcomes you can bet on from three to two. The term draw no bet literally means that you bet on either the favorite or the underdog winning the match – and if the match ends in a draw, you neither win, nor lose but get your original stake back. 

In short, you can bet on 1 (the home team) or 2 (the away team) – and if the result is X (draw), you don’t lose but you get your money back instead.

Double chance

Finally, here is another choice that is even safer than betting on the outright winner: double chance. In the case of this bet, your stake is placed on not one but two potential outcomes:

* The home team or draw (1X)
* The away team or draw (X2)
* The home team or the away team (12)

In the case of double chance betting, if either of the two outcomes you bet on come true, you win. This way, you have more possible outcomes covered, and your bet becomes even safer than betting on the outright winner of a match.

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