Wilbroda – Fake Friends and Alcohol Got Me into Debt

September 27, 2021

Actress Jacque Nyaminde alias Wilbroda has warned against the kinds of friends one should keep.

According to the radio presenter, friends that praise you all the time usually have ulterior motives.

Speaking from her own experience, Nyaminde revealed that she had friends who only stuck by her because of her money. They would spend most of their time drinking, something that got Nyaminde into debt.

“When you are at your peak you get different friends, a new crew checks in and it’s a crew that just praises you. If you ever have a friend who praises you all the time, that is not a friend.

“Those were the kind of friends that I had and we would sit and drink, sometimes I was the one who would foot the bills and they would praise me. It got to a point where I depleted my bank limit and eventually got into debt. That was the kind of life that I was living at that time,” the ‘Papa Shirandula’ actress said.

Wilbroda says she decided to take a break from the party lifestyle and as a result, the friends disappeared into oblivion.

“But one day I sat and thought, ‘Jacque this is going to destroy you’…and your child is seeing it because it was almost every day. Every day there was a plan with friends. That was the kind of drinking that I was into and that’s why I decided to take a break for two years and all my fake friends disappeared and I gained actual friends,” she said.

Nyaminde also spoke about dealing with entitled relatives and the importance of saying no.

“I have learnt to say no. I’m not afraid to say no. No is an answer and I don’t have to explain myself. When they call me, ‘hey I need this’, I tell them, ‘I can give you some amount and the rest they sort it out. And when I have and I don’t want to give it’s still okay. Freedom comes when you are able to say no,” she said.

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