Wife of Njoro Policeman Who Shot Dead Girlfriend Speaks Out

August 26, 2021

The wife of a policeman who went on a shooting rampage and killed his girlfriend has spoken out revealing more details about the ordeal.

Police Constable Bernard Sivo, 28, had initially assaulted his girlfriend, 29-year-old Mary Nyambura, before following her to Njoro sub-county Hospital, where he shot her dead.

The cop’s wife, Joyce Ndunge, was also caught up in the shocking midnight attack and escaped death by a whisker.

Speaking to the media, Ndunge said there was something odd about Sivo that night.

She recalled him playing with their children on Saturday night and later reported for sentry duty at 11 pm.

He wore jeans and a civilian shirt, and on top, he wore his uniform. This got me concerned, and when I asked, he said he would explain later after reporting to work,” she said.

After leaving the house, PC Sivo met up with his girlfriend and assaulted her, leaving her with a broken leg.

Nyambura was closing her liquor store when Sivo assaulted her and stripped her naked. A guard at a nearby bank calmed him down, as a neighbour whisked Nyambura away,” an eyewitness, Paul Karanja, told reporters.

The officer then reported for duty at Njoro police post and later excused himself. He proceeded to the hospital and shot Nyambura in the presence of two medics and a security guard who scampered for safety.

PC Sivo then called his wife and confessed his actions and returned to the station.

“He called to say that he had killed the woman who was wrecking his marriage. I begged him not to harm himself and surrender his gun. I hid near the OCS’s house when I spotted him enter the station,” Sivos’s wife narrated.

He told his colleagues and bosses not to leave their houses. He then picked our daughter from our house, forcing me to come out of my hiding. He shot at me thinking I was an officer but missed,” she added.

Ms Ndunge said she identified herself and fell on his legs, begging him to put the gun down. Sivo however declined and assured her that he needed her alive to take care of their children.

He instructed his wife to return their daughter to the house and he went ahead to call other relatives.

The cop continued shooting sporadically in the air for about an hour as his colleagues strategically took positions to disarm him.

At around 2.30 am, he realised he was surrounded and took his own life.

He had not taken alcohol yesterday. He was never violent towards me. I used to talk to Nyambura on the phone, and she told me they had parted ways,” Ndunge added.

Ndunge has been assisting detectives to establish the motive of the murder.

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