Married Cop Breaks Girlfriend’s Leg, Follows her to Hospital then Shoots her Dead

August 24, 2021

A police officer stationed at the Njoro Police station went on a rampage in the wee hours of Sunday night and shot dead his girlfriend before killing himself.

Police Constable Bernard Sivo, 28, first attacked his girlfriend, 29-year-old Mary Nyambura, in their house and broke her right leg.

Nyambura later sought treatment at the Njoro sub-county Hospital, where the police officer arrived at around midnight.

Vincent Lematoo, a security officer in the hospital, said Constable Sivo arrived in a fit of rage while armed with an AK-47 rifle.

“He got here at 12 am, an hour after the lady. He pushed me to get out of his way in, and he began shooting immediately,” Lematoo recounted.

According to reports, the officer pumped 10 bullets into her killing her on her hospital bed. Medics who were attending to the woman scampered to safety as the officer left the facility while shooting in the air.

“It is a sad morning in Njoro. We had an incident at around 0023hours where the OCS Njoro received information of a patient who had gone to the hospital to seek medication after being assaulted by a person she claimed was her boyfriend. Soon after, another person showed up at the hospital and it later emerged he was the one who had assaulted her. He was armed and he shot the patient from his Ak 47 riffle. He was later identified as a police officer stationed at the Njoro Police station,” Njoro Subcounty Police Commander Jonathan Kisaka confirmed.

After leaving the hospital, Constable Sivo went home where he again shot once in the air, after informing his wife that he had killed the person with whom she has been having differences.

“He told the wife that the woman you have been conflicting with is now dead,” Kisaka said.

The wife fled to safety, with the cop returning Njoro police station while shooting in the air.

A team was quickly deployed to disarm him but before they could, the cop shot himself in the chin.

Bodies of the two were taken to the Egerton University morgue pending post-mortem.

Police said they are yet to establish the motive of the incident.

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