Wabosha Maxine Seeks to Encourage and Inspire with 9-part Series Podcast

August 27, 2021

Wabosha Maxine, one of Kenya’s more popular content creators on YouTube, has partnered with the newly launched Shahara platform to release her first ever podcast,  A Letter to My Younger Self.

The 9-episode podcast features notable celebrities and award-winning media personalities, who talk to Wabosha about the most impactful moments in their life’s journey.

Season one of A Letter To My Younger Self features prominent public figures such as investigative journalist John-Allan Namu, Willis Chimano from Sauti Sol, CEO of Vivo Activewear Wandia Gichuru, Olympic Weightlifter Winnie Okoth, and Musician Karun (Formally of Camp Mulla).

“The conversations will be hosted by me and they are relevant for all audiences from the young to the old. In the age of social media, younger generations can get the false impression that they are alone in their struggles – and also that success comes fast and easy,” Wabosha Maxine said.

She added: “This podcast was created to be a space for candid conversations that encourage people to pursue the life they want to live; but to also remind them that success (however it may look to you) takes time. You’re going to go through a lot of changes in your journey and make a lot of mistakes along the way.”

The podcast is hosted on the Shahara platform, which is both web and mobile-based. For a fee of Kshs 100 you can get all nine episodes.

Shahara, inspired by the Swahili word ‘Mshahara’ meaning salary is a platform that enables people in the creative economy to earn directly from their content.

On Shahara, content creators publish their work and have their audiences watch, read or listen to it, and audiences will, in turn, have the opportunity to support them directly by paying for content. The content creator will then take the lion’s share of whatever they earn, enabling them to live, create and celebrate their work.

Maxine noted that she opted for Shahara after Covid-19 interrupted the marketing industry.

“A lot of brands suspended or cancelled their marketing campaigns after covid hit, which meant that for many months, the marketing model that generally makes up most of a content creator’s income had disappeared. That’s why I opted for a partnership with Shahara to host A Letter To My Younger Self – it’s also locally made and owned,” she said.

Adding: “ I am appealing to all fans to support the podcast. We as content creators spend a lot of time, effort, and money creating our work. The ad-based monetization models are not always sustainable. A good example would be what happened at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Fans of the podcast can contact the A Letter To My Younger Self Project via email at [email protected] to provide feedback or to be part of the guests on the podcast for the next season.

To listen to the podcast, visit shaharavideos.com

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