Lillian Muli to Self, “You Deserve Someone Who Puts you First”

August 11, 2021

Lillian Muli has reminded herself about her self-worth and all the things she deserves from a romantic partner.

The Citizen TV news anchor employed illeism, penning an open letter to herself on social media addressed as ‘Dear Nzisa’.

The popular journalist warned herself against settling for an ordinary lover. Muli noted that Nzisa is worthy of being loved madly.

“Dear Nzisa, Never settle for an ordinary lover, never settle for less than you deserve, you are so worthy of being loved so passionately and madly,” she wrote.

Adding: “You deserve to be loved as whole with all your imperfections and flaws, you deserve someone who puts you first as if you were the only thing that matters.”

Muli, whose love life has not been a secret to the Kenyan public, added that she was not keen on falling in love with someone who is not ready to reciprocate.

“You deserve someone who will always choose to stay when you are on your lowest and you deserve someone who will always choose to love you even when you are not so lovable.”

She signed out with ‘Love, Lillian Muli’.

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