DJ Moz Encourages Kenyan Men To Consider Vasectomy For Their Wives

July 8, 2021

TV show host Moses Kimathi Mathenge alias DJ Moz has opened up on his decision to get a vasectomy, saying he did it for his wife.

Speaking in a forum discussion about contraception, the ‘Kubamba Crew’ DJ said he arrived at the decision after numerous discussions with the wife.

DJ Moz noted that contraceptives pills were affecting and burdening his wife and mother of their three children.

“I’m married and I have been for 13 years. The reality is that the burden of family planning had always been on my wife. Na pia mimi nilikuwa ule msee wa CD haibambi (I also didn’t like using condoms), not that there is anything wrong with using a condom for contraception,” Moz said.

Adding: “My wife had been on the pill for the longest time and it was also not good for her and I knew it was affecting her. She and I had this [family planning] conversation from time to time and we had agreed that it had to stop. We had come to the point where we now had three kids and the cycle had to stop… So vasectomy became an option.”

The radio presenter further called on other married men in Kenya to have the “vasectomy talk” with their wives. He noted that he is functioning normally.

“I’m functioning as normal. Let me say this, I’m glad that at home my wife and I were talking about it and let me encourage all married men out there to have this conversation with their wives.”

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