Akothee Gushes Over Nelly Oaks, “The King of my Queendom”

July 8, 2021

It’s only been a year since Akothee saw her former manager, Nelson Oyugi alias Nelly Oaks, but the singer says it feels like a year.

The two were once a formidable duo in the East African showbiz scene before Nelly Oaks decided to go back to Uni to pursue his Masters.

And as he turned a year older on Wednesday, July 7, Akothee was on hand to wish him a happy birthday.

The singer waxed lyrical about her former rep in an endearing message posted to her socials. Akothee recollected their times together, both good and bad, saying she will never regret meeting Nelly Oaks.

“A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ???. On this Day The king of my Queendom was born, King Hezekiah Nelson Oyugi Okuna is turning a year younger. I will take this bold step to thank God for having brought you into my life. All the fun, the journey, the laughter, the disappointments, the pain, and the satisfaction we endured together were all lessons of life ? I will never regret one day of having you in my life,” the singer professed.

She continued: “I think most of the time, I piss you off than you do to me King. I know I am not a very easy person,? I hate some of my behaviors ( mrs perfectionist) angeyo ni ok an ngat maber ahinya ,kendo ok an ngat masani ???.) TRANSLATION!! but you have stood by me always with all my rubbish.”

Akothee further celebrated Oaks’ growth saying it is his time to shine.

“It’s only been a year, I din’t see you and it felt like a decade ??. The tremendous growth in you has touched hearts Chairman. I am happy most people Address you as chairman now ? I see people who never used to pick up your calls respect you to the core now?It’s Called Growth and your Time to SHINE,” she added.

Akothee also vowed to be there for Nelly Oaks

“As you turn a year younger, just know that there is a woman somewhere on this planet earth,who will always respect, love, SUPPORT and care for you ? GO KICK ASS KING.”

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