Another Boda Boda Phone Snatching Incident Caught on VIDEO Today

July 8, 2021

It is no secret that robbery incidents involving nduthi guys have gone up.

The height of it all was perhaps yesterday when a gang of three on a motorbike snatched a phone from the hands of a police officer along Thika road.

That video went viral, and it appears to have emboldened more petty thieves on their boda bodas to follow suit.

Just this morning at around 7:30, a similar incident happened at a Shell petrol station in the city.

An attendant is seen using his phone next to a pump, when a nduthi guy approaches. He quickly snatches the phone, then accelerates. The attendant gives chase, but it was clear his two legs did not stand a chance against an internal combustion engine.

This incident is unique in that the rider did not even have an accomplice. Often, it is the pillion passenger who does the snatching, so that the rider can make a quick getaway unencumbered. It just shows you how daring they are becoming.

Watch that video.

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