VIDEO – Boda Boda Thief Snatches Phone from Traffic Police Officer

July 7, 2021

In a sign of increasing insecurity in the country, a video has surfaced showing another case of a thief on a boda boda snatching valuables from an innocent person.

However in this case, the victim is a police officer, fully dressed in their blue uniform.

The traffic officer appears to have been directing traffic at what looks like the Roysambu roundabout, while talking on his phone. A few moments later, a boda boda with two pillion passengers drives past him from behind.

The passenger at the back then casually grabs the officer’s phone as the motorbike rides along and joins the traffic.

The startled officer could do nothing but watch, certainly with a million questions crossing his mind.

That these petty thieves have become so brazen that they are now stealing from the people mandated to hunt them down is simply unbelievable.

Watch the video caught on a vehicle’s dashcam.

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