Vera Sidika Lashes Out At “some stupid woman called me barren”

June 22, 2021

Vera Sidika is seemingly having the last laugh after a troll called her barren.

The socialite, who has been sharing pictures of her supposed baby bump since last week Thursday, remembered an internet user who mocked in March.

The Instagram user had commented “Tasa(Barren)” after Vera shared a now-deleted video of a baby on March 10.

Over three months later, Vera finally responded to the cyberbully through Insta Stories, revealing that she was already pregnant when the troll mocked her.

“Some stupid devil called me barren, you all act like you know my life and womb so well to make it a topic of discussion. So many lucifers on Instagram. Stupid son bitch. Worthless piece of shit,” reads Vera’s expletive-laden rant.

In another post, Vera wrote: “10th March 2021, someone’s daughter called me barren. As if is she knows what my womb looks like. I was already pregnant by this time, just laughing at nasty comments. Ladies, let nobody rush you into getting pregnant.”

She further advised: “A baby is not a commodity you buy from a shop to impress family, in-laws, etc. Then return when things go left. Also, no matter how rich your bf, hubby don’t ever depend entirely on that. Make sure you are financially, mentally and emotionally stable before getting into it.”

The former video vixen also spared some words for those who have been doubting her relationship with Brown Mauzo.

Here are the screengrabs.

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