Father of 7-year-old Driver to Nurture Son’s Talent: ‘He Learnt to Drive from Computer Games’

June 17, 2021

A man who was fined Sh20,000 for allowing his 7-year-old son to drive a car has revealed the circumstances leading to the viral video that was filmed on Saturday, June 12 at the Delview Park area in Gatanga, Thika.

Ayub Kinyanjui says his son had accompanied him to the carwash at Delview Annex as he usually does. He then left for a nearby supermarket to buy some snacks.

When he returned, he found some people interviewing and filming his son as he drove a Prado Tx. Hours later, the video was trending on social media.

Ayub insisted that he has never taught his son how to drive. “The boy loves playing GTA and NFS on the screen. He spends most of his free time playing the games, and he loves winning,” he said.

Ayub further said he was unfairly criticised. “I think what he did is not any different from what others do. We usually see children riding bikes that belong to their parents.”

The father said parents should nurture their kids’ talents, and observed that his son might grow up to become a motorsports racer.

To this end, Ayub said he will be exposing his son to places and events where he can acquire appropriate skills.

“I’ll start exposing him to safari rally experience because I’m sure he can make a good driver if well trained by experts,” Ayub said.

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