Jalang’o: Clients that Dropped me after ‘Boys Club’ Scandal are now Begging me

June 9, 2021

Radio presenter and YouTuber Jalang’o is apparently having the last laugh after some of his clients dropped him in the wake of his Boys Club cheating scandal.

Last year, Jalango was said to be a member of a notorious Boys’ Club alongside several of his friends. According to Edgar Obare, Jalas and his married friends were sleeping around with several women, then comparing notes on their Whatsapp group.

As a result of the expose, Jalang’o said some of his clients and business partners did not want to associate with him.

“(After the expose) I got a call from a client who I was supposed to work for during the Covid-19 period and he told me he is pulling out,” Jalang’o said on his radio show.

“I also had another call from a client I’d worked with for some time and he also said he had no choice other than pulling out.”

Jalas told his co-host Kamene Goro that some of the clients who dropped him are now seeking his services.

“Another client also called and explained that even though things were messed up, he was not pulling out. Some of those who pulled out are begging to come back but I have told them God is not from your village,” he stated.

In a previous interview, Jalang’o described the scandal as a test that he managed to get through.

“It is a test that I went through that almost killed my career,” he said.

“I am lucky because my wife knew all these people I was accused of messing up with. They are my friends. I just showed her our chats and everything was okay. It was just an issue of working on my brand.”

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