Things to Know About DJ Double Trouble

May 17, 2021

Evander Macos Oduka, better known as DJ Double Trouble, is one of the top reggae disc jockeys in Kenya. He is also a resident DJ and radio host at Ghetto Radio.

DJ Double Trouble aka Shida Mara Mbekse spoke to Spice Magazine about his deejaying journey and his sense of style and love for unique outfits.

How did your journey in deejaying start?

My journey started in 2013 when I used to spend a lot of time accompanying a deejay friend to his gigs.

He spent most of his time making music mixes then selling them to people at a good and affordable price.

I applauded his hustle and through that, I realised I can follow suit and he went ahead and volunteered to teach me.

You are also known, especially for doing reggae mixes. Why did you settle for this genre?

Well, I started listening to reggae in my younger days. I had an aunt who loved the genre and through her, I got to learn a lot about reggae and culture.

Also back in high school, I used to go for reggae jam sessions at a club called Chemil in Nairobi, and it made me love reggae even more.

How did your moniker ‘Double Trouble’ come about?

The name came up funnily. After learning the art of deejaying, I joined my mentor called DJ Pri to a certain club that he was invited to mix.

Later that night, he asked me to entertain the crowd with two songs during his set, but I was a bit reluctant because I was still new in the deejaying space.

One of the emcees at first denied me the privilege because it was at the climax hours of the night, but Pri insisted.

I was given the chance to display my skills and immediately the fans were up and dancing to my mixes.

The emcee paused the music and engaged the crowd on the different names that I should be given and that’s how Trouble came up.

The emcee once again insisted that the name Trouble was not enough and he added the Double to it.

To matters fashion now. What sparked your interest in it?

Fashion is an art that I acquired from my late mum because she usually loved to stand out and be different.

I loved dressing up when I was a boy because of her, and to date, I still pay much attention to my choice of dressing.

What is your first fashion memory? 

That must be when we had a fashion competition in our primary school and I ended up winning the competition and crowned the Mr Bidii Primary. I was 12 years old.

Years later, I was also awarded the best-dressed employee by my boss Julius Owino in 2017 at my workplace, Ghetto Radio.

When getting dressed, how do you settle on a look?

It all depends on where I’m going, whom I am going to meet or which event I am going to perform at.

How does your style reveal your personality and lifestyle?

Clothes have evolved from being just a practical asset to a social marker, mostly in the entertainment industry because they affect the way we see ourselves.

They help us to be seen in the light that we wish to be and also exude our personality even when it comes to lifestyle and social status.

You’re dressing sense reflects your personality, character, mood, style and what you are as an individual.

How best can you describe your style then?

Confident, bright and self-conscious.

Are you into suits or casual wear? 

I’m into both. How I pair them depends on the occasion and how one needs to stand out on a specific day.

Are there any type of clothes that you avoid wearing and why?

I avoid wearing trendy outfits because when I walk around for a few minutes, I’ll certainly find more other people dressed in a similar look as mine.

What’s the biggest mistake men make when dressing up or shopping?

You will find some men dressed up in girlish clothes or going for clothes that are too big for their size.

Another mistake men make is not understanding the purpose and reason of the outfit they picked for a certain day or occasion.

When shopping, what are the first items you gravitate to?

Jeans and shoes.

Do you have any fashion icon and what makes them stand out?

Yes, I do. Congolese singer Fally Ipupa and American singer-songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams. Their sense of style is bold and unique.

Take us through your fashion evolution?

Style always changes, and you have to evolve through what’s trending and what’s not, and which style will suit your evolution. That said, my style is always evolving for the better.

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