Meet Child Coach and CEO of Transform Generations Afrika, Annabelle Gichure

May 17, 2021

Annabelle Gichure is the CEO and Founder of Transform Generations Afrika, a hub for mentorship, empowerment, and personal development for the youth.

She also prides herself as your go-to child coach.

Education: Brainstorm Academy, Tumutumu Girls, and the University of Nairobi for a degree in Psychology and Religious Studies.

Experience: I am a psychologist, life skills teacher, child coach and child enthusiast. I am passionate about nurturing, empowering, and transforming children through education, coaching, counselling, and mentorship. I believe academic excellence starts from self-mastery. I am your go-to child coach.

First job/salary: I chose to create employment and start my own organisation. Lots of young people look for jobs but don’t want to struggle in creating their own companies. I chose to take my first jump and create my organisation

Worst /best job: Best job is in Transform Generations Afrika. It is my best because I love nurturing, empowering and mentoring children. It is my gift and purpose and I am able to transform lives through it.

First /current neighborhood: Membley Estate.

Worst mistake: This makes me laugh. My worst mistake has been overtrusting people who always end up letting me down.

Missed opportunity: None.

One thing you can not give away: The love and satisfaction I get when working with and mentoring children.

Unforgettable Person: My mentor. She has been very instrumental in my life.

Best advice ever: You are your greatest resource, keep going, and don’t give up.

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