From Swimming in Mud to Riding in a Hummer, Embarambamba Wows Fans – Watch

May 18, 2021

Embarambamba has left Kenyans in awe after he released a video for his hit song, ‘Jesus is the Final’.

The Kisii gospel artiste, real name Christopher Musioma, made a name for himself for pulling off bizarre stunts during his performances and music videos.

One of the more popular stunts sees Embarambamba dive and swim in mud. When he is not taking a dip in mud, Embarambamba can be found dangling on a cow’s back or dancing on the roof of a mud house somewhere in Kisii.

The stunts have even caught the attention of Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua, who last month expressed concern over the safety of Kisii gospel artiste.

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In his new music video, however, Embarambamba has not only wowed his fans but he may have appeased the critical ‘morality cop’.

The video was bankrolled by Kisii Senate hopeful Okengo Nyambane. It captures Embarambamba in a modern music video setting with flashy cars, posh gardens, and grandiosity.

The extravagance mirrors the message of the song that, “in whatever you want to do in this life, Without Jesus Christ you won`t succeed,” says Embarambamba.

“The best video I’ve ever done, thanks to the incoming Kisii Senator Okeng’o Nyambane,” Embarambamba said.

Within four hours of its release, ‘Jesus is Final’ music video had garnered over 12,000 views on YouTube and more than 600 comments.

Some fans expressed relief saying Embarambamba is finally on the up while others said they felt motivated.

One fan, Vinnie Ticha, wrote: “My heart is now settled I believed Embarambamba could get support one day, Special Thanks to Team Senator Okeng’o Nyambane for believing in This talent, to the Video Maker Neskon Onfleek I am seeing you in another level soon.”

Another commented: “Woooooooooooooooooooow woooooow this guy is breaking through the world meeeeeeeeen kisiiis mmeomoka for producing such a blessed entertainer niangushieni comments naikire time ya yeso …..??????????”

One Maina Divon added: “Embarambamba you really motivate me. You are going far,this is just the beginning. I wish you all the best and will support you Always✊❤❤.”

Simply started, loved by many also hated by many. Time is moving and through hardwork, God has blessed the work of your hands. You are now reaping what you have been sowing. You are going Far bro Embarambamba… Keep it lit always. Bravo!!! Good work,” said Philip Abuga.

Watch the video below.

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