Somebody Stop Embarambamba, Ezekiel Mutua Pleads

April 16, 2021

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua has expressed concern over the safety of Kisii gospel artiste Christopher Musioma popularly known as Embarambamba.

The musician has made a name for himself for pulling off bizarre spine-chilling stunts during his performances and music videos, drawing the attention of Mr Mutua.

Taking to social media, the KFCB boss said Embarambamba needs to be stopped before he hurts himself.

“I have a feeling that Embarambara is a danger to himself and that his fans could be cheering him to self destruction. Is this style sustainable? Is it even sane? Unless he’s super human, this guy will hurt himself. Someone please stop him!'” he tweeted.

Adding: “I have listened to his interviews and he sounds great, but his theatrics border on absurdity.”

In a subsequent tweet, Ezekiel Mutua implored Kenyan artistes to avoid doing “weird” stunts to please fans.

“Artistes please do not do weird things to please fans, unless they are paying your bills. Do not let faceless characters on social media push you to satisfy them with content if it hurts your brand. Ask yourself if 20 yrs to come, you will be happy with what you are doing now!”

Mutua’s concerns come a month after Nguzo Africa, a community development agency based in Narok, Kisii, and Bomet Counties, launched a petition seeking to stop Embarambamba from performing his stunts.

The petition was addressed to the CS Ministry of Health, Kenya Mental Health Board, Kenya Psychiatrists Association, Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), Kisii Council of Elders among other bodies.

“Nguzo Africa on behalf of concerned Kenyans hereby petition the above-mentioned institutions to urgently stop the Kisii artist “Embarambamba” whose official names are Chris Mosioma from performing peculiar stunts that may affect his safety, followers, and the environment,” the petition reads in part.

“We are concerned that despite the artist’s confessions that he gets overwhelmed with “Holy Spirit” when he performs, none of the concerned institutions has taken action to assess his state of mental health.”

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