Why Ex-Kameme TV Presenter Swore to Never Work in the Media Again

April 29, 2021

Former Kameme TV presenter Wakarura Manyara has revealed why she quit the vernacular station and swore to never work in any Kenyan media house again.

Speaking in a YouTube interview with ‘Metha ya Kagoni’, Wakarura, who was well known for her family shows, said she was frustrated by her former bosses.

She said despite waking up at 3 am and being in the office by 5 am to host the breakfast show, she went for close to a year without pay.

“Whether I was sick or not, I did my best for that show. I mean I had committed to it with all my heart. I remember during my child’s birthday, I would celebrate while in the studio. I would even not catch up with some activities at home,” she narrated.

Wakarura said her husband noticed he was struggling, took his laptop, wrote a resignation letter, and encouraged her to send it and forget about the station.

“In December 2019, before Christmas, there was a lot of hardship and nobody wanted to address it. When it was enough for me, I also wrote on my Facebook account, but my heart was heavy when I left that media company,” she said.

The media personality said her former employers were not even remorseful about her plight.

“I had not been paid for almost a year. They were not even sorry. That made me swear never to go back to TV or ever work in any media house.”

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