How to Analyze Football Games: 6 Crucial Criteria

April 29, 2021

Football is the most popular sports event in Africa. Lots of people play for fun or try their luck betting on the main matches. Yet, it’s not easy to win here. To increase your chances and win bigger sums, learn 22Bet tips and analyze matches with these 6 criteria.

Physical Readiness

If the players are not prepared to play the entire 90 minutes and run for every ball, it is a risk to bet on that team to win. This usually happens at the beginning of the season or with a busy schedule, such as Boxing Day in the English Premier League. Athletes need to play 3-4 games in 10 days, and it affects their physical readiness.

If a physically exhausted favorite and an outsider ready for a selfless struggle meet, you can consider the market of positive forms or double outcome betting. At the same time. professional bettors prefer to skip such events. There is a great risk of an accidental goal.

The Atmosphere in the Team

In addition to the physical aspect, the atmosphere in the club also plays a big role. Cool relationships or conflicts among players in the locker room lead to a lack of understanding on the pitch. The team spirit allows you to win victories over strong opponents, and its absence makes winning a game with an outsider an extremely difficult task. The same goes for the attitude of the head coach and the players.

Bookmaker Quotes

Professional bookmakers include bookmaker odds and the dynamics of their changes in the analysis of football betting. Bookmakers have entire departments of mathematicians who calculate the probability of occurrence of each particular outcome. If the analysts are wrong, the bookmaker can incur losses.

Weather and Field Conditions

If it is raining heavily and there is no roof over the stadium, teams will hardly show any productive football. But it can cause negative consequences for both teams.

Rehabilitation in Front of the Fans

Fans are a significant force in football. There are times when teams sensationally drop out of Euro cups or lose to arch-rivals, which is certainly upset and depressing for the loyal fans. As a rule, for the next matches, the players go out as charged to win and try hard to show beautiful and entertaining football.

Inter-club Relations

A big influence on the final score has the principled nature of the match. If teams from the same region or simply “enemies” meet on the pitch, it is hard to predict the result. In a derby, no one wants to lose, and players will go into the fray, not sparing themselves or their opponent. The main thing is to win or not to lose the meeting. Professional bettors avoid such games and prefer to bet on more predictable outcomes.

It may seem that in such matches a good option to bet is the total of more yellow cards. Yet, bookmakers take this aspect into account, initially overestimating the value of the total.

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