KCSE Girl Escapes Attempted Rape by 52-year-old Matatu Driver

April 23, 2021

A high school student who had just completed her KCSE exams escaped a rape attempt while on her way home on Wednesday.

The student told police she boarded a Nairobi bound Matatu in the morning of Wednesday, 21, April, from Mathira East, Nyeri with the intention of connecting to her home in Homa Bay from the capital city.

Her journey was cut short at Kenol at around noon after the PSV driver told her they could not proceed with the trip to Nairobi.

The student identified as Ruth and said to be 21 years old, thereafter boarded another matatu back to Nyeri hoping to connect to Nakuru via Nyahururu.

“The vehicle made several stops on the way, but she arrived in Nyeri at 6 pm. The driver of the matatu took her round and round (sic) within Nyeri Town while promising he would take her to the stage where Nakuru-bound matatus are operating,” says a police report filed at the Nyeri Police Station on Thursday.

The girl said the driver identified as 52-year-old Washington Kamau Nderitu advised her against travelling at night, citing curfew restrictions.

“He promised he would help her get a place to spend the night so that she continues with her journey on Thursday. The two, consequently, exchanged telephone contacts.”

The driver asked the girl to wait for her at a spot in Nyeri Town as he completed the day’s work.

“At around 9 pm, the driver picked the student and took her to his house within Ruring’u Location. He had lied to the learner that he was taking her to a lodging facility, where she’d pay an accommodation fee of Sh600.

“On arrival at his house, Nderitu attempted to rape the student but she managed to escape and dialed 999 on her phone while hiding behind an M-Pesa shop near Nderitu’s house.”

Police responded to the distress call and used the student from Gitunduti Mixed Day Secondary School to lay a trap for the driver. They made her call him and the driver fell into the trap.

“The driver emerged driving a Toyota Hiace matatu registered under the 2NK Sacco. He picked the girl. However, when he was about to drive off, police emerged from hiding near Riva Petrol Station and flagged down the matatu. Nderitu, however, accelerated in an attempt to run over the police officers. It was then that the officers responded by shooting the vehicle’s right front wheel, prompting the driver to stop,” said the police statement.

Nderitu was arrested as the student led police officers to the house where the attempted rape occurred.

“The scene was processed and documented, and the vehicle towed to Nyeri Police Station.”

Police said Nderitu will be arraigned once investigations are completed.

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