Jamal Roho Safi: My Wife Should Know that Amber Ray is a Blessing

April 21, 2021

City businessman Jamal Marlow Rohosafi has shed more light on his controversial marriage to socialite Amber Ray, saying his first wife was unaware but suspicious of the affair.

Speaking in an interview on ‘Bonga na Jalas’, the matatu industry stakeholder dispelled claims that Amber Ray “snatched” him from his wife. He explained that his relationship with the socialite started over five years ago as business partners.

“Amber and I did not meet 2 years ago as most people think, we have known each other for over five years now. She advertised one of my brands for me and at that time we were just friends. One thing I like about her is that she is very aggressive, just like me and because of that, we got closer our relationship got to where it is now. There’s a lot of gossip going around that Amber stole me from my wife, forgetting I was a conductor, which means I know how to approach women,” he said.

Adding: “Me picking Amber, I saw a lot of things in her. I knew she deserved a good man, and that was me. So we sat down and spoke about our feelings and planned our future. She wanted to move away from where my other family and I were staying because she felt when our relationship became public, it would bring tension, but I advised her to stay for some time as the house I bought her in Hurlingham gets renovated, then she can move after.”

Jamal narrated how his wife Amira became suspicious of his “friendship” with Amber.

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At the time, Jamal was thinking of ways to tell Amira but blogger Edgar Obare exposed their affair before he could.

“Amber was very difficult to approach because she did not believe in being a second wife, but I convinced her using my charm. My wife, on the other hand, is a very soft-spoken woman. When she noticed my friendship with Amber was advancing, she sat me down and asked me about it, but I played it down to buy me more time so that I can plan on how I will break the news to her, but my relationship with Amber got exposed on Edgar Obare’s blog forcing me to come up with a plan sooner.

“I apologized to my wife and admitted that Amber and I were actually more than friends. As usual, you know the nature of women; she didn’t want to share me with anyone. So she got upset, argued, and we ended up not talking for close to a week, and my family had to come in,” he continued.

According to Jamal, Amber Ray changed his life for the better, and his wife should appreciate her for that.

“Before I met Amber, I was living a very reckless, expensive life. I could spend almost Sh50,000 per day on women. My wife should know that Amber is a blessing. She came into my life and changed a lot of things. She understood who I really was. There’s nothing as good as finding a woman that understands you. So when I met her, I gave up all my wayward ways. I even gave her my social media logins just to show I had nothing to hide,” Jamal revealed.

“After the expose by Edgar Obare, we decided to make it official and got married. My first wife didn’t believe it and, because of this, caused more drama. I understand her; she is only human, and considering we dated since high school, she felt betrayed that I’m bringing someone else into my life now that I have money.”

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