Jamal’s First Wife Says Co-wife Amber Ray was their Neighbour

April 13, 2021

The wife of businessman Jamal Marlow Rohosafi says Amber Ray was a friendly neighbour before she became her new co-wife.

In some startling revelations on social media, Amira narrated that the “friendship” with the controversial socialite started when they were neighbours in Syokimau.

Amber Ray reached out to Amira, inviting her to check out children’s clothes that she was selling.

“One day I get a random call, ‘Hey sasa it’s your neighbour unaweza kuja uone nguo za watoto nauza….I’ve been in Dubai for quite some time so sikuwa najua wat kind of person she was. Nikachukua manguo and even asked her where she does her lashes…,” Amira said in a Q&A with fans on Instagram.

Amira would later go to Amber Ray’s to have her eyelashes done.

“Yaani I even went to her house to have my lashes done after she had called me like 15 times niharakishe. ?? weeh. Making things worse I even asked her to come to my house yani kama jirani mwema,” she wrote.

Asked if she was still in contact with Amber Ray, Amira said she cut off communication after realising that the socialite was a frenemy

“I used to talk to her until I realised ‘kikulacho ki nguoni mwako’.”

Amira also declared that she would not be quitting her marriage of 17 years following the recent development.

“17 years and counting. Niende wapi nimekita kambi! Na sibanduki ngo,” she said, adding: “Me and Jamal come from way back. His mum was a friend to my late mum, so his mum is my mum, nampenda.”

When asked how she feels about Amber Ray invading her marriage, Amira quipped: “Usiyadharau madafu, maembe ni ya msimu.”

Meanwhile, the man at the centre of the drama, Jamal, rubbished rumors that Amber Ray used sorcery to seduce him.

“Allow me to put to this matter to rest. Amber Ray is my legal wife and that’s the truth. She did not use any juju on me as it’s being claimed. I am the one who knowingly went after her, hit on her and later married her.”


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