Another Tahidi High Actor Seeks Help After Battling Alcoholism, Depression

April 15, 2021

At this juncture, someone should write a thesis on the uncanny correlation between alcoholism and Tahidi High actors.

In the last couple of months, at least three former stars of the Citizen TV high school dramedy have gone public about their battles with alcoholism, depression, and financial difficulties. They include Dennis Mugo alias OJ, Angel Nyawira Waruinge alias Miss Morgan, and Joseph Kinuthia Kamau better known as Omosh.

Joining them on the list is Bernard Mwangi famously known for his role as Mr. Mweposi.

Speaking during a recent YouTube interview, Mwangi narrated that he hit a rough patch when his marriage fell apart in 2011.

Mwangi also revealed that he started drinking after joining Tahidi High.

“In all my youth, I never consumed alcohol. I was a very upright person that loved God and even preached his word here and there. Even when I was joining Tahidi High, I was very clean, but unfortunately, I slipped. It was while I was acting in Tahidi High that I started taking alcohol. But it got worse when my family split, I sunk deeper into alcohol, became depressed and got high blood pressure,” he shared.

To make matters worse, Mwangi was working with Citizen TV on a temporary contract basis. His quest to get a permanent contract proved futile, leaving him jobless and almost penniless.

“Before Tahidi High, I was working with Citizen TV on a contract basis. I had hoped to venture into news reporting and get a permanent position, but that didn’t happen. So when my contract ended, I was left jobless and at the same time needed to provide for my family. I was already known out there as an actor and people expected so much from me, including my family and friends.

“People thought that I had a lot of money but it wasn’t true.”

The financial constraints drove him deeper into alcoholism and depression. He also opened up about a video of him in a drunken stupor that went viral a few years back.

Mwangi said the video helped him turn his life around.

“I was in a bad state at that time when the video went viral. That was my turning point because I reflected on what my children would think of me when they saw me in that state.

“So I came to accept that my life had started taking a wrong direction and I started changing slowly,” he said, adding that most of his friends had already deserted him.

The actor said on top of battling alcoholism and depression, he also has diabetes which has led to his massive weight loss.

Bernard Mwangi urged wellwishers for financial assistance to expand his agribusiness.

“I’d like to appeal to Kenyans to help me expand my agri-business. I’m interested in planting chilies for export purposes and would appreciate if someone gifted me the seeds,” he said.

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