Miss Morgan’s Advice For Upcoming Actors: ‘Don’t Do It For Fame’

November 24, 2020

Experienced thespian Angel Nyawira Waruinge has advised upcoming actors to let passion be their driving force rather than fame while joining the film industry.

Waruinge, who is best known for her role as no-nonsense deputy principal Miss Morgan in ‘Tahidi High’, noted that most millennials just want fame.

“I have been in the industry for over 20 years and when we started, we tarmacked so much. It was more of passion unlike today, people want to be famous. In terms of going digital, there are more opportunities than before as mainstream media did not give us what we deserved. My advice to young people is they be disciplined and also pursue education. Give it your all and do not allow fame to drive you but let passion do,” said ‘Miss Morgan’ in an interview on ‘Jikoni Times with Obayi’.

Waruinge, who played Miss Morgan for 10 years, said she explored other opportunities, adding that due to her association with “Tahidi High’, many producers shied away from offering her other acting jobs.

“Seven years after shooting the show and playing this no-nonsense character, I got a contract to do a show on M-Net called Jane and Abel, so I felt I needed a change,” she said.

Tahidi High producers allowed her to leave the show for two years before coming back for a second stint as Principal.

“The producer had left. I felt I am not growing anymore and the story arc for Miss Morgan was not developing, and also I was cutting out my opportunities outside. So I chose to resign and leave the show for good,” she said.

The Award-winning actress mentioned that she is still good friends with other thespians from the show.

“The cast was my family. We used to do everything for each other. For my baby shower they really supported me with items for the baby,” she said.

Waruinge also opened up about her past struggle with depression and alcoholism which she thankfully got over through her family’s love and support.

In her quest for wellness, Angel Waruinge also lost weight, shedding 36 Kgs since 2016.

Waruinge currently works with Nairobi Performing Arts Studio as a Business Development Executive.

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