Kigame: DJs who Play my Music Earn More Money than I have in 11 Years

April 15, 2021

The renowned gospel musician Reuben Kigame has revived his condemnation of the government and its copyright bodies over earnings from music royalties.

Kigame, who has 29 albums to his name since 1987, illustrated just how dire the situation is by comparing the earnings between musicians and radio disc jockeysand presenters who play their songs.

In a post on social media, the visually impaired singer disclosed that his earnings in a decade pale in comparison to a radio DJ’s monthly salary.

Kigame noted that in 11 years, he barely made Sh300,000 while there are DJs and radio hosts that earn Sh700,000 per month.

“So, radio DJs who play my music can be paid 700,000 or more a month, that is every four weeks, but I cannot make 300,000 in 11 years from tons of recordings! It is immoral,” he tweeted.

The singer further called out the clergy for turning a blind eye on the plight of musicians.

“And all pastors and bishops can say is, keep serving the Lord. The government thinks I will be quiet. Never,” he declared.

This comes barely a fortnight after Reuben Kigame barred government officials and those from the copyright bodies such as MCSK and PRISK from speaking at his funeral.

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