Why Gospel Singer Doesn’t Want Govt, MCSK Officials To Speak at His Funeral

March 31, 2021

The renowned gospel musician Reuben Kigame has issued a demand barring government officials and those from the copyright bodies such as MCSK and PRISK from speaking at his funeral.

In a statement Tuesday, Kigame said he was struggling to make ends meet despite releasing songs since 1986.

“I wish to go public about something and I want this marked well: if you one day hear musician Reuben Kigame is dead, do not allow any government representative or those from the so cold copyright societies to speak at my funeral service. What I have been through under them is enough,” Kigame said.

The visually impaired singer noted he has 29 albums to his name that receive airplay in many stations around Kenya but he has been receiving peanuts in royalties.

“My songs are played on just about every public event including by police and military bands. Yet at the end of the month I can only look forward to about ksh18,000 in royalties,” he added.

The musician said he was not only speaking for himself but for other Kenyan artistes who are struggling.

“Before I am told to be grateful, think about MCSK and PRISK hoarding royalties from 2009, Safaricom and other bodies getting the bigger share in collections, piracy, and cartel theft! If anyone doubted God can provide, ask me,” he said on social media.

“I am one of those doing very well, or so I assume. What are other musicians getting? Out of Ksh 10 of skiza royalties, I keep Ksh 2 or 3. The rest is somebody else’s!”

Kigame disclosed that in February 2021, he only received Ksh10,545 after a loan deduction of Ksh6,986.

“If I was not doing it for God I would have quit long ago because even from the church, all you can get is acclamation and encouragement.

“God has been faithful to me because I have eaten, got a home, raised a family and kept going and serving through his miraculous provisions,” he concluded.

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