Saumu Sonko Says Her Biggest Problem is Relationship Hopping

March 12, 2021

Saumu Agnes Mbuvi has admitted that her biggest challenge with regards to dating is breaking from her relationship hopping cycle.

The daughter of former Nairobi governor said she finds it hard to stay single and is always rushing into a new love affair after a break-up.

“Problem yangu, I have always been scared of being single na nilikuwa na haraka ya kuingia kwa relationship at a time I did not heal from the previous relationship,” Saumu said on Radio Jambo.

True to her words, Saumu has in the last couple of years been in three known relationships that came short of marriage. Saumu was first engaged to be married to Benson Gatu before they broke up sometime in 2017 when she was pregnant with their child.

The following year, she unveiled her new fiancé but the engagement also fell apart before they had even celebrated one year together.

Then in 2019, it became apparent she was dating Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip after they were attacked in a bar brawl at the Memphis Lounge along Thika Road near USIU.

The two have since broken up amid allegations of domestic abuse.

According to Saumu, Loitiptip wooed her when she was still mending a broken heart.

“Huyu Mwanume alinipata kwa sababau nilikuwa na heartbreak hiyo time. Kwa sababu shida yangu kubwa sijui kukaa single. Hii ndo shida yangu kubwa. I have been swimming in relationships, by the way sikuwa najua kukaa single. Najipata kwa hii relationship, mara tumeachana tayari niko kwa ingine hata sijmaliza siku moja,” she recounted.

Saumu added: “Yule mwanaume alinipata kama niko broken down and I needed a shoulder to lean on, akakuja kama rafiki kumbe alikuwa son of Pharaoh because you never know intentions za mtu”

“Tulipatana Facebook, akaanza kunitumia message saa hizo ananiita my sister sijui nini…lakini kwa hayo yote I have to forgive myself for being a fool. We speak the truth and let the truth judge us.”

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