Saumu Sonko Unveils Mystery Fiancé, Flaunts Engagement Ring – PHOTO

July 6, 2018

Just a day after she was accused of being a husband snatcher, Saumu Mbuvi has proved she has a thick skin and finally unveiled her lover.

Taking to her popular Instagram page, the Nairobi governor’s daughter on Thursday afternoon posted a picture with her new man.

In the picture, a smiling Ms Mbuvi is also seen flaunting her diamond-encrusted engagement ring in a not-so-subtle pose of the couple’s hands.

Saumu’s caption also appeared to be a rub-it-in-your-face against her haters as she wrote: “My Happiness your Pain.”

This comes days after Saumu posted a picture of her fiancé for the first time, albeit with his facial identity concealed under a cap and glasses.

Saumu was also bullish about what she expects after she was heartbroken by her baby daddy, Benson Gatu. She captioned the pic, “My current relationship is either gonna lead to a wedding or funeral. B**** you choose All black or All white.”

While denying being a husband snatcher, Ms Mbuvi said:“This man had a life before me, what matters is the life we have now.”

“He was dating someone before he met me and that is very normal,” she continued.

The mother of one further used the opportunity to hint that her baby daddy, Benson Gatu, was snatched from her by another woman.

“I was in a come-we-stay marriage and someone came between us. Now my baby daddy and the other person are very happy and that is a good thing,” said Saumu.

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