Churchill: ‘Shika Dream’ Submissions Are Overwhelming But We’re Determined To Fulfill Dreams

February 11, 2021

Renowned comedian Daniel Ndambuki popularly known as Churchill and Kiss FM’s Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o say they are determined to help Kenyans achieve their dreams through their show ‘Shika Dream’.

The comedians launched the show last December and have since come through for a number of Kenyans.

In the show, the duo together with Churchill Show director Terence Macharia aka Terence Creative invite members of the public to submit a 30-second clip in which they reveal their dreams and ambitions.

The trio then vets the submissions and asks their audience to vote for one dream that they wish to see fulfilled. The winner then appears on the show to pitch their dream which is actualised live on Jalang’o TV, Churchill’s Facebook page, and on the ‘Shika Dream Show’ online platforms every Wednesday at 8 pm.

Over the last seven episodes, a host of Kenyans have benefitted, including a butcher who on the premiere epsode got a deep freezer to help preserve his meat and scale-up the business.

The famous Huruma Town Kids also got a filming kit to create content while one Daniel Mwibanda from Kacheliba, West Pokot, got three computers and a printer to enable him to set up a cybercafe.

Churchill, who is the brains behind the empowering concept, said they started the show since many Kenyans were reaching out to them for help.

“I believe every dream is valid and no dream is too small. Covid-19 hit almost every Kenyan, affecting some greatly. So we thought of coming up with a platform that will enable Kenyans to share their dreams and pitch to their fellow Kenyans to support them,” he said.

Adding: “Tumepata submissions nyingi sana, it’s overwhelming, and we thank the partners who have helped us fulfill some dreams so far.”

Churchill said they are committed to helping youth across the country actualise their dreams.

“As always, new concepts take a bit of time to sell to Kenyans, but this is one idea that will allow us to touch vulnerable lives thanks to our partners Kenya Charity Sweepstake.

“We may not change the world in one day, but we are determined to change a Kenyan family one day at a time,” Churchill said.

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