Only In Kenya: Two Teachers Teach Different Lessons In Same Classroom [VIDEO]

January 5, 2021

Because wonders shall never cease in this our jungle Kenya, a video has emerged showing pupils from two different grades sharing a classroom at the same time.

As schools reopened on Monday, January 4 following a nine-month break occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic, Grade 4 and Class 8 learners from Ng’ambo Primary School in Baringo County were forced to learn from the same room simultaneously.

This after their school was submerged in water from lakes Baringo and Bogoria whose levels have been rising over the past year.

In a video shared by media outlets, two teachers are seen teaching the two sets of learners at Seriani ECDE Centre which has only one structure.

One teacher is seen teaching Grade 4 English on the left side of the room while the other teaches religious studies. They can be heard speaking over each other, with their respective pupils doing their best to focus on the lesson.

The video has elicited mixed reactions on social media, with some internet users faulting the teachers. Others called out local leaders and the government for failing to construct and rehabilitate classrooms in time for the resumption of in-class learning.

Watch the video below and read some reactions thereafter.

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