Uhuru Buys 1,000 Acre Ranch in Narok for His Retirement

January 5, 2021

President Uhuru Kenyatta has reportedly added to his large land portfolio, after buying a 1000 acre ranch in Narok.

Breaking with tradition of welcoming the new year and addressing the nation in Mombasa, the president ushered in 2021 at his 1,000-acre-plus ranch next to the Maasai Mara game reserve.

According to Nation, he acquired the ranch last year from Olerien and Kengani group ranches, for an undisclosed amount.

It was one of two large pieces of land he bought, with the other reportedly being the site of a new tourist lodge the head of state is constructing.

The ranch is thought to be what Uhuru is planning for his retirement home in 2 years time.

On New years eve, the president hosted neighbours and other guests at the property, all of whom were asked to leave their mobile phones outside.

He had earlier in the day attended a private function hosted by Narok Governor Samuel Tunai and several MCAs, where he promised them several goodies including creating one more sub-county in Narok. He would later deliver on that promise.

The Kenyatta family is thought to be Kenya’s largest land owners, and this new piece only cements that position.

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