How Two Cops Extorted Sh107K From Foreigner Who Rejected Sexual Advances From Mombasa Woman

January 6, 2021

Two police officers are being held at the Bamburi station in Mombasa for allegedly extorting Sh106,000 from a foreigner.

Patrick Muneria and Tabitha Nduta from the Tourist Police Unit in Bamburi are said to have obtained the money from one Mr Werner Bance by threatening to arrest him.

A police report indicates that a woman called the officers after Mr Bance turned down her sexual advances on January 2. It is claimed that the woman asked Bance to buy her lunch but he declined and gave her Sh100 instead.

The unnamed woman refused to take the money and started to seduce Bance, who rejected her saying he was married to another Kenyan woman.

Unable to handle rejection, the woman called the cops on Bance. ”The woman made a call and two people came – a man and woman. They threatened him, saying he would be jailed if he did not part with 1,500 euros (Sh201,700),” the report reads.

The officers allegedly threatened Bance that he would be jailed for seven years if he did not part with the money.

The foreigner pleaded with the officers saying he could only raise 800 euros (Sh107, 600). He requested to collect the money from his hotel room and the officers accompanied him to Indiana beach apartments.

“The two people took a taxi to Indiana (hotel), snatched his phone upon arriving, and instructed him to go and collect the money,” the report states.

Mr Bance returned with the cash and gave it to the officers, who gave the phone back.

He then reported the matter at Bamburi police station in Kisauni sub-county later that day.

According to the police report, the police officers later returned the money which has been kept as exhibit. They were arrested after Mr Bance identified them in a parade.

Investigations are ongoing pending arraignment in court.

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