Incestuous ‘Akorino’ Pastor Admits To Defiling, Impregnating His Teenage Daughters

January 6, 2021

A pastor accused of sexually abusing and impregnating his two daughters has pleaded guilty to two charges of incest.

John Gichina, a 51-year-old Akorino pastor from Kathaka village in Ndia Constituency, Kirinyaga county, appeared at the Baricho Law Courts on Tuesday where he admitted to having carnal knowledge with his two daughters aged 14 and 16 years.

According to the charge sheet, the suspect allegedly committed the first offence on diverse dates between 1st to 30th of June, 2019, and the second offence between 1st to 31st of August, 2020.

“It is true I slept with my daughters,” Gichuki said when the charges were read to him by the court.

The pastor appears before Senior Principal Magistrate Antony Mwicigi at the Baricho Law Courts on January 5, 2020

Senior Principal Magistrate Anthony Mwicigi entered a guilty plea against the accused.

Lead prosecutor Patricia Gikunju pleaded with the court to give her team up to January 7 to gather the minors’ birth certificates and other documents that ascertain their age.

“We are yet to be furnished with the birth certificates. We need time to get the documents,” Ms Gikunju submitted.

Magistrate Mwicigi granted the prosecution’s request and allowed police to hold the accused until Thursday. He added that the suspect who was unrepresented in court will use the time to reflect on what he said while taking the plea.

The man is said to have impregnated his 14-year-old daughter who is 5 months pregnant and sired a seven-month-old child with his 16-year-old daughter.

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