Education CAS Zack Kinuthia Says Children Should Be Happy To Learn Under Trees

January 5, 2021

It’s only the first week of January and we already have one of the most absurd comments of the year.

The Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the ministry of Education Zack Kinuthia has raised eyebrows with remarks he made on Monday, on K24’s morning show.

At a time when many schools are facing classroom shortages, only made worse by the social distancing requirements brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been seeing pupils and students from around the country hold their lessons outside under the shade of trees, sometimes without chairs or desks.

We even had one remarkable report of a two teachers teaching different lessons in the same classroom, at the same time.

When confronted with the question of learning under trees, the CAS wondered what the controversy is all about, saying that during their time they looked forward to such outside lessons.

“Most of us who went to public schools looked forward to hearing the teacher saying carry your chairs and let us meet under the tree, why is it controversial now?” he wondered.

Many were left wondering whether a person in charge of education in the country can be more out of touch with reality.

Here are some of the comments that followed.

“Who is this Clown?”

“Jubilee saw that we complaint alot of young guys not being given state jobs thay looked for an idiotic youth and gave him a job in ministry. Nikama hii battle hatutawezana.”

“Zack Kinuthia cannot challenge the status quo… Nigga is just enjoying his salary and pushing misplaced GOK policies and you expect us to compete with Singapore.”

“The queue outside this newsroom room must have been quite short for this clown to make it in.”

“My kids one day may ask me where I was when other parents were getting cabinet positions and gov’t appointments and my biggest worry is having no concrete answer coz my competition was this stupidity.”

“Someone’s subscription to intelligence wasn’t renewed this month.”

“People will do and say anything kubaki kwa payroll ya GoK. Sad.”

“The spin is getting more and more elaborate.”

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