Daddy Owen: Laugh At Me, Call Me Names But Don’t Involve My Children

January 29, 2021

Following reports that Daddy Owen’s marriage to Farida Wambui has fallen apart, a section of fans have been wondering about the situation with their children.

The Award-winning gospel singer appeared for an interview on Radio Jambo where his host Massawe Japanni asked him if he was still able to access his children.

Daddy Owen stated that he is still the father of his children and warned trolls against involving them in the saga.

“People can laugh at me, make fun of my eyes, my masculinity, and call me names, but not my children. That is why my children are not online. That, I cannot discuss,” he said.

Adding: “What I can say is, at home mimi ni baba watoto, mume and kiongozi wa jamii yangu. Secondly, how I’m viewed out there is as a minister, star, while others hate you. Now when things happen in my life, what do I carry with me? What do I let go of? That is the question. Also, what legacy will I leave my children with? All this is to protect them.”

Owen also lamented that being in the limelight for over 20 years comes with dire consequences.

“Your life is not your life anymore. Anything you do or your actions have repercussions, and that is what I’m careful about as a parent.

“Things happen but you have to be cognisant of what you want your children to grow up and read about the two of you,” he said.

Daddy Owen also opened up about his battle with depression.

“At the time, no one in the family knew I was going through depression, and even when I started going for counselling, I did not tell anyone. I did not know I was suppressing issues that later affected me. One day it all exploded. That is when I had to seek help and dig deep into what was affecting me,” he said.


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