Approaching A New Client? Here’s How You Should Lay The Roadmap

January 25, 2021

Upon setting up your business, the next and the most important thing to do is to find clients. To secure good clients and subsequently scale your sales, it is crucial to have a good marketing strategy.

Not only will this strengthen the trust amongst your existing clients and customers, but it will also help you target new consumers, increase your brand awareness amongst them and scale up your conversion rates.

However, finding new clients and approaching them is not as easy as it seems. In addition to understanding your target audience and their needs, you must also determine which marketing techniques will apply to which consumer and increase your sales.

Here is a roadmap of how you can approach a new client.

STEP 1: Understand Your Target Audience

Before approaching a client or consumer, it is essential to know and understand who your target audience is. To determine this, doing a demographic and behavioral study of your audience is imperative. You can identify your target market by defining factors such as: 

* Age
* Gender
* Socio-economic background
* Buying habits

Understanding your target group ensures that you do not waste any time or resources to approach the wrong clients. This way, you can also determine the value proposition that you can offer to the clients and understand their needs. 

STEP 2: Shortlist Clients That Can Add Value To Your Brand

Once you have done your market research and decided upon your target audience, the next step is to shortlist your potential clients. Here, it is important to choose those clients that can add value to your business. Typically, these are clients who will:

* Speed up your conversion rates
* Bring in more consumers
* Increase the value of your business

STEP 3: Use Email Marketing To Promote Your Brand To The Client

The next important step after shortlisting a client is to promote your brand to them. And to do so, email marketing is the most effective way. A successful email marketing tactic can help you get a high return of investment (ROI).

The best way to approach a new client using email marketing is to personalize the messages you send. While this does not mean a different email to every client, it refers to using customer data to create a personalized message. Furthermore, ensure that your emails vary according to the segments of clients you are targeting. 

One effective form of email marketing is video emails. A video email can help you to communicate with your client quickly and efficiently. In addition to increasing conversions, it can also help build your brand awareness and educate your prospective client about your business. It is also quite time-saving and helps the client to retain information about your brand. 

STEP 4: Build A Brand Portfolio On Social Media

The next step to approaching a client is to build a social media presence, showcasing what you have to offer to your clients. Owing to the increase in technology use, social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or even Quora have now garnered a huge user database. Increasing your visibility on social media is a great way of generating more leads. 

In this regard, you can choose to focus on just one platform or several platforms. However, ensure that the platform you choose is effective, especially when it comes to connecting with your clients. One of the best social media channels to connect with prospective clients is LinkedIn. 

This is where you can incorporate the backlinks to your website and encourage clients to learn more about your business. You can also offer them a free trial or product demo with specialized backlinks. 

STEP 5: Use Advertising And Video Selling To Build Trust Amongst Clients

Use different advertising forms, such as PPC ads, newspaper ads, video ads, or promote your business on Google AdWords or Facebook to attract new clients. You can also use video selling to get a response from prospective clients. Video selling can be described as the process of sales where a business can use live or pre-recorded videos to engage with their new, existing, and targeted clients.

This can be very helpful in fostering client loyalty and building trust. Additionally, this will explain how helpful you can be to them, thereby generating new and increased sales. A video can act as both a marketing and a sales outreach tool, where you can introduce yourself and your business, offer information, and give your sales pitch to the client. 

You can also use video selling platforms to create demo videos that can sum up how your product or service works, in addition to explaining how it can benefit the client. 

STEP 6: Build Partnerships

To attract and approach new clients, you can also partner with other businesses that complement what you are offering. This way, the client will be at an advantage, and you will be able to build a business effectively.

Building partnerships with other businesses also help to nurture relationships with both the business owners and their clients and consumers, thereby creating a client base of your own. 

STEP 7: Follow Up

Finally, the last thing you need to do after introducing, marketing, and promoting yourself to the client is to follow up consistently. Generating a lead and converting them requires a lot of work, which ideally includes sending follow up emails, making several phone calls, providing the client with additional information, and answering any queries they may have. 

Timely and consistent follow-ups have proven to be quite effective in building a relationship with the client, in addition to demonstrating to them your determination, trustworthiness, and perseverance.

To secure the client, you may simply send them a “thank you” email, a draft proposal, or even any new products or services that you may have since this can increase the chances of a sale. 


Getting a client or new consumers is one of the most difficult tasks for any business owner. And finding a client but not being able to generate a sale can be quite overwhelming.

Implementing modern and innovative methods of approaching a client through video marketing and selling or using photographs and videos in emails can ensure that the client remains interested, increasing the prospects of conversion. These steps also lay a solid foundation for approaching newer and bigger clients in the future. 

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