Betbonanza Is Transforming the Betting Industry In Nigeria

January 25, 2021

There are so many changes in the wagering scene nowadays. New technology has transformed the industry. In the past, people could only place wagers at an outlet or shop but today, people can bet online as well as in a shop.

In the future, it might be possible for users to do multiple things with their betting accounts such as get loans, purchase goods, save cash, trade and more. Some people might doubt this but it looks real as years go by.

In Nigeria, BetBonanza is a huge brand that is changing the betting scene in Nigeria. The company is taking big steps to ensure Nigerians get the best betting experience.

They want to be the leading betting provider in Nigeria. By leading, it means in terms of offering innovative, excellent product and service for their members.

Below are five innovations that Betbonanza has that are changing the betting industry in Nigeria.

The site is changing the omnichannel wagering

The website’s model allows the provider to operate both in-shop and online. Currently, the provider is prioritizing on in-shop expansion. They are opening up new shops in different towns in Nigeria. BetBonanza is also growing its online customer group. Bettors can replenish their accounts on the betting shops anywhere at any time.

BetBonanza is changing agent commissions and bonus

BetBonanza has a number of different generous commissions and promotions. If you’re an agent, you can enjoy several income streams with the bookmaker. Apart from the normal betting bonuses based on the shop sales, the operator can refund the fueling cost if he has been using a generator and meets all the targets. There are other offers like bonuses on new players who make a deposit. There are even better rewards for agents of the month.

BetBonanza is super fair and transparent. Agents can see how the company calculates all transactions. The formula is constant which gives the agents a reason to stay motivated.

More job creation

BetBonanza has created more than 100 new jobs both directly and indirectly since they launched. They’re still creating more jobs each day. The provider ensures that all employees believe in their vision, mission and values.

The BetBonanza Tribe

To BetBonanza, betting is not just a business. Their tribe is a community of individuals who believe in transforming the betting industry irrespective of religion, tribe, occupation, financial status, etc. Everyone in the group stays happy.

The odds at BetBonanza favor bettors

BetBonanza aims at giving the bettor massive opportunities to make a profit and enjoy betting. Each month, they create new offers both in the casino and sports sections as well as promotions for agents. Everyone can get super wins if they maximize their opportunities. For instance, when a player bets on virtual football, they can win a 40% additional bonus.

A final word

Anyone in Nigeria can become a member of the tribe as a punter or agent. In any way to join, you’re guaranteed of generous profits. Sign up today and start making some money!

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