Joey Muthengi On Randy Politician, “I Blocked Him Everywhere”

December 17, 2020

Joey Muthengi recently narrated how a politician who had the hots for her pursued her persistently forcing her to block his calls and messages.

The media personality and actress said she was working as a news presenter at Citizen TV at the time. While she did not disclose the name of the politician, Joey said the man was relentless in his pursuit.

“Politicians are notorious and I have no idea why they like media girls. It’s crazy. When I was on TV and you know I used to host them every morning, there was one who kept calling me,” Ms Muthengi said on ‘Jessy Junction’.

“I had to block him, then he started whatsapping me and I blocked him. Then one time I am at home and I see parliament on true caller,” she recounted.

Joey mentioned that it was awkward as she had to host the randy politician on her show a number of times.

“I have never dated a politician but they seemed very interested in me… They are not single, all of them are married,” she said.

Muthengi also talked about relationships saying she was looking for reputable online dating sites since traditional dating had not been working out for her.

“I am looking for someone who will understand the real me, caring and someone who loves God and driven,” she said.


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