What Maina Kageni Tells Corporates About Akothee

November 19, 2020

Radio personality Maina Kageni has nothing but good things to say about Akothee when corporates come calling.

This is according to the celebrity musician who was surprised to learn that the Classic 105 presenter has been recommending her to companies looking for brand ambassadors.

“When corporates ask him for who would represent their brand, this is what Maina says:

MAINA WA KAGENI: Ayiyiyiyiiiyi, Haki chukua AKOTHEE
HAKI hautaregret
Huyo Dem Ni mnoma kwa brand visibility.
She will make you fall in love with your own product ?” said Akothee.

The singer expressed her gratitude to the veteran radio presenter in a post on social media saying she has received feedback from five different companies.

“Let me take the opportunity to thank this gentleman @mainawakageni for believing in me. Maina sifa zako nimezipata kwa sanaaa.

“By the way, I dint even know you love,support & believe in me that much, na hata haunipigiangi simu kunichocha bike unaniuza, na hata simu zangu haushikangi ???? MAINA WA KAGENI GOD BLESS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH MY DARLING ? God bless you abundantly,” Akothee wrote.

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