Azziad Nasenya Reveals Difference Between Her And ‘Githeriman’

November 19, 2020

Tik Tok sensation Azziad Nasenya spoke about her meteoric rise to fame revealing the difference between her and the 2017 elections sensation Martin Kamotho alias “Githeriman’.

Speaking in an interview hosted by former Auntie Boss actress Nyce Wanjeri, Azziad said unlike Githeriman she is here to stay.

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Azziad said she was prepared for fame and that those waiting for her downfall will be disappointed.

“I was prepared. That is why I got a manager very early, and I still had my other things going,” she said.

She highlighted the importance of having a good manager and establishing respect and an understanding to have common growth.

“The difference between me and githeri man is that I was prepared for fame. Fame is something we knew was coming.”

The 20-year-old actress also spoke about the spat between her and singer Vivian, who lamented that the dancer refused to promote her song for free.

Azziad compared it to going to a clothes store and saying you want clothes for free.

“Respect other people’s jobs. Social media is my office, just like any other office,” she said.

On charging top dollar for her services, Azziad said: “You must know your worth, and I charge what I think I’m worth. If someone charges Sh1,000,000 for their work, mbona iniume?? If their worth results to that, then pay them.”

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