Eric Wainaina: My Son Calls Valerie’s Husband Dad

November 19, 2020

Musician Eric Wainaina opened up for the first time about his son with former Tusker Project Fame contestant Valerie Kimani saying he would not recommend anyone to sire children out of marriage.

The award-winning singer sired the boy, who is now 10 years old, after cheating on his wife Sheba Hirst with the former Tusker Project Fame contestant.

Speaking on Churchill Show, ‘Journey Series’, Eric said the first challenge was how they would navigate that particular situation.

“When that whole issue was a wound, my mother told me, ‘You have to let Sheba lead in this situation’. She is an amazing human who is just and she has stood by me.”

“Now we are in a place where my son is a big boy and the mother recently got married, and they have a daughter of their own. So the question now is, how will he refer to me because he calls Valerie’s husband dad?” he wondered.

The singer also mentioned that as a result of the affair, Valerie was known as the person who had a thing with Eric and not as the artiste and actress she is.

“The problem is that women always have the raw of this and their career gets even clouded by those kinds of things,” said Eric.

He said he would want Valerie to be known as an amazing, singer, actor, and mum to his son.

“A singer who 10 years ago was involved in a situation that was unpleasant. It’s about genuine love and concern for how my son will fit in this family. How my daughters will relate to him and his mother. We are in a good place but it was not an easy journey. I don’t recommend it to anyone.”

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