My Story is Legit, Not Some Xtian Dela Controversy – Cashy

October 2, 2020

Femcee Karimi Muringi alias Cashy has hit out at bloggers for discrediting her claims that Khaligraph Jones fathered her son, Xolani.

Cashy says some bloggers have been reporting that she previously denied Khaligraph sired Xo. She says when she first went public about breaking up with the BET-nominated rapper as a result of physical abuse, at no point did she talk about her child’s paternity.

“I did two baby showers- the first was organised by friends from my primary school.  A few weeks before I delivered, friends from Strathmore, UoN and my workplace threw me another baby shower. It was very peculiar to people and they interpreted it as ‘oohh Cashy and her baby daddy throw a baby shower’.

“I never commented on the matter because it was unnecessary at the time. Reporters are using the false narrative to discredit my story. There’s no evidence that I said it. I did media interviews but in none of them did I speak on the paternity of my baby. All I spoke about is gender-based violence, the emotional trauma I went through after our breakup and dealing with my family,” she said.

Cashy said she’s been prompted to address the rumours because she not only owes it to herself but also her son to set the record straight.

She noted that she has been subjected to the gender stereotype that women are liars by being likened to a wannabe socialite who sensationally claimed to have had sexual relations with celebrities for money.

“They compared my story to the Xtian Dela controversy- stereotyping that ‘women lie’.  My story is legit and from the get-go, Khaligraph knew we were having a child. To all mothers, if you have avenues to fight for your children, I encourage you to fight in any legal way you can. In the end, it’s in the best interests of your child,” Cashy added.

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