“Wajesus Family and Murayas are Living a Lie,” Shouts Controversial Pastor

September 23, 2020

Rabblerousing city preacher Godfrey Migwi has taken a dig at celebrities showcasing their personal lives to the public on social media.

Migwi, who recently vowed to never officiate a wedding wherein a groom has never seen his bride without makeup, now warns that social media is a recipe for a marriage that is doomed to fail.

According to Pulse Live, the Kayole-based preacher said public personalities such as YouTube vloggers WaJesus family, and reality TV show couple The Murayas, are living a lie.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. There could be a problem in their marriage and the best thing is to sit down and talk to each other if they are serious with that marriage. Marriage isn’t a walk in the park. Social media will break your marriages. its only good for branding yourselves,” said the preacher who was commenting on recent rumours that DJ Mo had allegedly cheated on his wife.

Pastor Migwi also claimed that men who keep posting their wives on social media more than their businesses are liars.

“When you expose your relationships online they won’t last long. Wajesus family and Murayas are living a lie, fake lifestyles, they want to prove to the society that they have money, over one another but that isn’t true. kwanza wale wanaume wanapenda kupost their wives kutisha watu, ni mkora. Mwanaume ambaye anashindia kutaja bibi yake kuliko biashara ni mkora,” stated the preacher.

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