John Waluke’s Wife Gets Ksh360K From Well Wishers But Regrets Starting Pay Bill Fundraiser

August 5, 2020

Roseline Nakhanu Waluke, the wife of convicted Sirisia MP John Waluke, says she has been subjected to ridicule and bashing ever since she set up a pay bill number to raise funds to secure her corrupt husband’s freedom.

The MP was found guilty of stealing taxpayers’ money amounting to Ksh 300 million through a maize scandal and jailed for 67 years. To secure his freedom, the court ordered Waluke to pay a fine of Ksh 727 million, an amount that saw his wife call on wellwishers to contribute to a Paybill number she had set up.

By late last week, Waluke’s family had reportedly raised Ksh361,458 through the pay bill number, with the total amount of money raised so far amounting to Ksh 250 million.

The amount includes a Ksh100 million contribution from a senior politician close to Waluke, People Daily reports.

It has also been reported that Waluke’s parliamentary colleagues managed to raise Ksh6 million while his family put together Ksh144 million mainly from sale of property in Nairobi.

Speaking to the daily, Mrs Waluke said she regrets setting up the fundraiser.

“I regret starting this fund-raiser to bail out my husband. People have been mocking me and hurling abuses at me instead of helping,” she said.

“I wouldn’t have done it had I known things would turn out this way. I have left everything to God. Some are calling and telling me that they can’t contribute money for a thief,” added Ms Nakhanu.

At the same time, a member of the Waluke family complained that their efforts to raise the fine were being hampered by EACC and KRA. The govt agencies have indicated that they will investigate any source of funds contributed towards Waluke’s bail.

Elsewhere, Waluke’s co-accused, Grace Wakhungu, has managed to raise a whopping Ksh800 million to secure her freedom. Her family is said to have raised the amount in just one month.

“In fact, we outdid ourselves by raising close to Ksh800 million, being contributions from family members through the sale of assets locally and abroad, personal savings and ‘silent’ funds drives by friends,” an informant reportedly told People Daily.

“However, we are somehow stuck, because we have the amount ready but the DPP, EACC and KRA are sending threats our way.”

Wakhungu, mother of former Environment Cabinet Secretary Judi Wakhungu, was fined Ksh707.7 million.

She is serving her 69-year jail term at the Lang’ata Women’s Prison pending the hearing of an application to be released on bond as her appeal is heard. The bail hearing is set for Friday, August 7.

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