Sauti Sol Member Speaks on Getting Armpit Botox

June 30, 2020

A member of the highflying Kenyan band Sauti Sol has had his armpits done.

Speaking at their studio in Lavington, the band’s vocalist Willis Austin Chimano revealed the little known fun fact about himself saying he got armpit botox to prevent him from sweating a lot.

“I’ve had botox done on my armpits to prevent sweating if you want to wear certain clothes,” he said, adding that it was embarrassing having sweat patches before the botox.

“You don’t want to be at an interview and people are seeing a sweat patch. At some point, it was embarrassing. You might think it’s a normal bodily function but people don’t understand,” stated Chimano.

“I just did it once. I am scared of doing it over and over, but you never know,” he added.

Chimano noted that he is happy with the botox and it’s something people who struggle with underarm sweating should do for themselves and not out of pressure from other people.

“It’s for you, do whatever you want,” he said.

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