Ida Odinga Commends Betty Kyallo on Re-launching Beauty Parlour

June 30, 2020

Ida Odinga was full of praise for Betty Kyallo during the re-launch of the media personality’s beauty salon, Flair by Betty.

The wife of Nasa leader Raila Odinga was the guest of honour at the launch of the parlour in Kilimani’s Rose Avenue. In her speech, Ida lauded Betty for setting a positive example for young girls in the country.

“The most amazing thing is that they are all young people. Thank you for working with them,” she said.

“Most times, people see ladies like Betty and they think they are just for the camera. They don’t realise they can also do other things on their own, and people mistake them that they don’t do things on their own.

Ida Odinga continued: “Betty, I’m glad that with your brain, hands and mind, you worked out this thing. Girls, this can be done. It can be done. God gave us equal brains. God did not give us different gender brains.”

Mama Ida further advised: “Keep off drugs. And advise little sisters and brothers. Tell them no one has ever succeeded from taking drugs.”

On her part, Betty said the launch was a dream come true.

“I have been dreaming of this day. I cannot believe it is here. I was telling Mama Ida that we left this place at 5.30 am this morning. We were here organising things for you guys to see this. It has been three months of working on this.”

Ms Kyallo, who has been in the salon business for two years now, noted that she is keen to improve customer satisfaction.

“You know you can be in a big place like this but the customers are not satisfied with the services,” she said.

“So for me, I must make sure the customers get value of their money. Everything you see here is my dream come true. I have always been aspiring to do this and I put all my efforts and mind to bring this out.”


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