The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday June 30)

June 30, 2020

Here are today’s top headlines.

As the pandemic rages, Trump indulges his obsessions

With the pandemic exploding and setting record infection rates, President Donald Trump spent the weekend on his own often divisive obsessions, piling up new evidence for detractors who say he’s not fit for office.

Multiple people dead after attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange

At least five people have died after shots were fired at the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi, according to rescue officials on Monday.

More than 500,000 people have been killed by Covid-19. A quarter of them are Americans

More than half a million people have died from the coronavirus, representing a bleak milestone in the pandemic as cases continue to soar and outbreaks pop up across the world.

As coronavirus spikes in US, China locks down 400,000 people … over 18 cases

As the number of people killed by the coronavirus passes 500,000 worldwide, China isn’t taking any chances of a second wave gripping the country — despite having largely contained its outbreak in recent months.

Facebook boycott: View the list of companies pulling ads

A coalition of civil rights groups recently called on major advertisers to boycott Facebook and stop advertising on the social media network in July. Here are the companies that said they would join it.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp urges fans not to gather in celebration

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has urged fans to “celebrate in a safe way” after thousands gathered in the city to mark the club’s first league title in 30 years, despite lockdown restrictions.

A Starbucks barista received nearly $80,000 in tips after being singled out for refusing to serve a customer not wearing a mask

A Starbucks barista who was publicly shamed by a customer after asking her to wear a face mask has received nearly $80,000 in virtual tips after a Facebook post that criticized him went viral.

Boeing can begin test flights of the 737 Max, FAA says

Boeing has received clearance to begin test flights of its troubled 737 Max jet, a spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration said Sunday. The test flights of could begin as early as Monday.

Katy Perry says she felt suicidal during split from Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry has opened up about her mental health issues in a new interview.

Democrats want John Wayne Airport renamed after ‘I believe in white supremacy’ interview resurfaces

Democrats in Orange County, California, are done with The Duke, and they want John Wayne’s name and likeness stripped from the county’s airport.

Fillon and wife guilty over ‘fake jobs’ scandal

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Auction of ‘looted’ artefacts ‘should be scrapped’

A prominent art historian has called on the renowned auction house, Christie’s, to cancel the sale of two Nigerian sculptures to be put up for auction shortly. Prof Chika Okeke-Agulu told the BBC the two objects were “looted” from shrines in south-eastern Nigeria during the civil war in the late 1960s.

How hackers extorted $1.14m from a US university

A leading medical-research institution working on a cure for Covid-19 has admitted it paid hackers a $1.14m (£910,000) ransom after a covert negotiation witnessed by BBC News. The Netwalker criminal gang attacked University of California San Francisco (UCSF) on 1 June. IT staff unplugged computers in a race to stop the malware spreading.

The ‘deadly’ food we all eat – BBC Reel

The way palm oil is produced is hurting people, the air we breathe and wildlife. However, it’s used in many foods – sometimes in large quantities – and in fact, it’s estimated to be in almost half of supermarket products. BBC Reel explores why this substance is so problematic.

Kim Kardashian sells $200m stake in cosmetics brand

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Andrew Yang thinks Big Tech and capitalism need to be reined in ASAP

Andrew Yang, a prominent 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate, ran on a platform that warned about the speed with which technology like automation and AI is upending the world as we know it. His solution – rein in big tech and capitalism, introduce a universal basic income, and help the economy trickle upwards.

Apple’s iOS 14 beta shows apps like TikTok still spy on your iPhone clipboard

A copy-paste issue on iPhones is still running wild on more than 50 apps, including TikTok, numerous news apps, and games like Bejeweled. The clipboard privacy breach was first reported back in March and exposed that some apps could see iPhone users’ clipboard contents, whether it be a credit card number, password, or random link.

‘Lunar Loo’ challenge asks people to help astronauts poop on the Moon

There’s 51 days left to design a NASA toilet fit for Moon-traveling astronauts. A newly launched lunar loo challenge is asking those who are interested to redesign a toilet for the Moon that works in both lunar gravity and microgravity. NASA expects to return humans to the celestial orb in 2024 as part of the Artemis program.

Brand leviathan Unilever pulls ads from Facebook, cites ‘polarized times’

When the makers of Axe body spray don’t want to be associated with your brand, you know you’ve got a serious problem. London-based conglomerate Unilever announced Friday that it will cease running ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through the end of the year, leaving the move open to a further extension.

Facebook will warn you when you share old news

Sometimes an article that was relevant a few years ago is painfully obsolete now, and sharing it might do more harm than good (and invoke the fury of your journalist friends). And sometimes it’s just so old that everyone (but you, apparently) has already seen it.

20 times Elon Musk said ‘sure’ to random ideas on Twitter in 2020

Ask Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for something on Twitter, whether it’s a new feature for Tesla’s Sentry Mode or an appearance at an event, and the eccentric billionaire might just say, “sure!” Musk is, shall we say, fond of the social media platform and uses it to make product announcements, connect with fans (and haters), and generally troll.

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